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Faculty and Staff Resources

Interested in proposing a short-term faculty-led study abroad program? Visit our Instructions for Faculty Program Leaders page on Solomon.

The annual deadlines for submitting proposals are Oct. 1 for winter programs (approximately 14-15 months before proposed departure) and March 1 for summer programs (approximately 14-16 months before proposed departure). For the Winter 2023-24 term, proposals can be received through Oct. 17, 2022, for consideration. Submitted proposals will be evaluated by the Committee on Faculty-Led Short-Term Study Abroad Programs and the Provost.

Proposals for all programs (including repeat programs) must apply using the online application process. Applications are accessed using Longwood credentials, and as such the application can only be completed by one program leader, the principal applicant. If principal applicants wish to give editing permissions to additional program personnel, they will be able to do so inside the application process. Additional personnel who will have teaching responsibilities also will need to complete a simplified supplementary application (before the deadline). Additional personnel who are not teaching on the program also must complete a simplified supplementary application (the second button below), but they do not need to do so until after the program has been approved to run.

On Travel Advisories

The U.S. Department of State and the Centers for Disease Control each publish assessments of international travel destinations with regard to a variety of safety metrics. Learn more about DoS travel advisories, including country assessments, on State's International Travel page, which also has links to a searchable list of Travel Advisories by Destination; the CDC's complementary site is their Travelers' Health page.

Longwood prohibits university travel to destination countries assessed at DoS Level 3: Reconsider Travel and Level 4: Do Not Travel. Students who have applied or plan to apply to a program in a destination assessed at a Department of State Level 3 or 4 because of COVID only may petition for an exemption to the policy prohibiting travel to high-risk destinations. Download and complete the document below and schedule an appointment with Emily Kane and/or Erik Varela to discuss the process:

Interim Petition for Permission to Travel to High Risk Destinations 02212022.docx